Pike-Perch - 2,50 kg



(Sander Lucioperca) A classic that is ideal for banqueting and everyday life. A healthy alternative for red meat. Easy and quick to prepare for example in a pan, grill or oven The files are silly. n.120-170g pieces.

2,50 kg - 79,00 €

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We've prepared the most delicious recipes that we could find, just for you.

Fish and Chips

Grilled Salmon thyme-lemon with marinade

Grilled swordfish with tomato chili

Salmon Burger


Kala-Auto was started in 2006 and delivers seafood from around the world directly to consumers homes in the following areas: Capital Region, Turku, Western and Eastern Uusimaa, Riihimäki, Lahti, Lohja and Tampere. Kala-Auto has 16 refrigerated vehicles and around 30 employees. Our business idea is to deliver the best quality seafood straight to the end consumer.

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